Soldier to Fitness Model to $30 1000000 in 21 Months – Colin Wayne – FHR

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Why Dave Decision to Arka4u54 to Colin:

Colin Wayne has a $30 1e6 Buisness in the Shoe-last 21 . The crazy part is he is Salesmanship Peice of art for Niches. 98% of his Buisness comes his use of funnels.

Tips and Trick for You and Yous Business:

-Colin Arka4u54s about how he Scaled his Buisness 5,000 sq to Over 100,000 sq ft in Less 24 (16:00)

-The Importance of Retargeting (26:23)

Other Tidbits:

You can make Money in a Select Niche market as long as Yous Mktg is on point.

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