Generate a Passive Residual Income with The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity

Being in the right place at the correct time can make all the difference . How would you like to have been an investor in Netflix, in Amazon or in iTunes … prior to when they went BIGTIME? These companies, rather than fighting marketplace change looked to the future and placed themselves in a position to use the power of these marketplace changes.

In the past, when you were in the mood to watch a film– you drove down to the neighborhood Blockbuster store.

When you needed a song or an album– you went to the neighborhood record shop.

When you wanted a new book– you went down to the Borders booktsore.

Jump in your car and drive to a neighborhood shop? Not any longer. All of us know what occurred to Blockbuster back in 2010:

“The step, long expected and pre-arranged with bondholders, ends an era that Blockbuster controlled– of Americans checking out video shops for motion picture rentals. Increasingly, Americans are seeing films by means of video subscription services such as Netflix, vending equipment services such as Redbox and services that offer films on demand through cable, satellite and the Internet.” USA Today.

Same tale with Borders in 2011, our nation’s original huge bookstore as well as the nation’s second largest:

“The long-expected Chapter 11 declaration will give the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain a possibility to attempt to repair its financial resources and upgrade its business in an effort to make it through the expanding popularity of on-line bookbuying and digital formats.” Reuters.

And as for record shops — well when was the last time you stepped foot inside a record store? Isn’t really it so much simpler to stay at home and order your music online?

The not to be ignored question is will you be ready and be in front of the next multi-billion dollar technological shift?

The fact is positioning yourself in front of the next huge marketplace change can have considerable rewards. In fact, let me rephrase. This will have extraordinary and in reality, life altering results. As Kody Bateman, Founder and CEO of Send Out Cards says you can “… earn a substantial monthly income by positioning yourself in front of the next billion dollar technology change.”.

SendOutCards, the country’s number one sender of First Class mail has broken into the greeting card and gifting industry in a hue way. SendOutCards has introduced a High-Tech and High-Touch tool that is revolutionizing the marketplace.

So don’t miss out. Do not stand over on the sidelines and not get your chance. It is coming. As Greeting Cards and Gifts go from the storefront to the home-front someone is absolutely going to make a great deal of money. People are doing it now. It may as well be you.

As Kody Bateman of SendOutCards says, “We are taking Greeting Cards and Gifts from Brick and Mortar to Click and Order.”.

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Don and Vonda Downs
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