Make Money Online Mail?:

Make Money Online Mail?

I got something in the mail about making money online. Should I be interested or trash it? I know earning cash on the internet is hard to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? This one was for some website, but I visited it and it looks stupid. Please recommend something to me or else I’m just going to forget about it altogether.
I want this to be a hobby for me.

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How to make money online?:

How to make money online?

Everywhere I look, it says “make money online fast”, “mom earns $10000”, etc. And whenever you click on those advertisements, it says “here is how to make money fast, AND THAT’S IT!!!! It doesn’t tell you HOW to make money online, it tells you that it is GOING to tell you how to make money online, and it NEVER DOES!!!!!!!! Does anybody know how I actually can make money online? AdSense is a good way, but I’m only a kid, and I only know the basics of website-making. (my website is Whenever I look, I always see that people are making insane money with AdSense. Can AdSense really earn you a lot of money? I want to earn about 25,000 for a car when I turn 18. I’m 12 right now. Could I possibly earn that much online in about 6 years? Is there any way other than AdSense to REALLY earn money online? Please don’t tell me to babysit or mow lawns, I’m too lazy to do that. If AdSense REALLY is the only way to make a lot of money online, then could somebody give me some good website topics?- a website that would be easy to make and would attract a lot of people so they would click on the advertisements? Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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Do it yourself website?:

Do it yourself website?

I need to build a website and want to do it myself. I have worked with html and flash before and am an engineer, so I’m not afraid of the technical aspects, but I’m definitely not a full time web designer and don’t want to spend all of my time starting from scratch. I also don’t want to spend $5000 to have someone build it for me.

I would like to know what options are out there for a weekend webmaster. I need something that is relatively quick to set up, but more importantly, update. I have worked with html templates that are available, but these are not easy to add images or videos as necessary. Maybe there are some good ones out there I don’t know about?

I have seen these ‘blog building’ sites and those look interesting and easy to use, but there always seems to be something critical missing, like the ability to embed a video.

Basically, I’m a tech-savvy individual, but not a seasoned web designer, who is looking for ways I can implement a web site myself. I need a professional looking website which is not too difficult to edit or add content.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
FYI, I already have a domain name, so any service I use would have to let me use that.

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