How do I create an affiliate website?:

How do I create an affiliate website?

In order to join an affiliate program with products or companies I like, I need a website and company name. I have just got a domain name and registered with a hosting site and I am looking into building my site. However, I am unsure of how to create a site or sites for affiliate marketing, because I don’t know what it ought to consist of. If for example it was a natural health product, could I only write an article about it with a picture and then join its affiliate program, or is there more to it than that? What sort of a site do you need to join an affiliate program? Thanks.

How to make money online?:

How to make money online?

Everywhere I look, it says “make money online fast”, “mom earns $10000”, etc. And whenever you click on those advertisements, it says “here is how to make money fast, AND THAT’S IT!!!! It doesn’t tell you HOW to make money online, it tells you that it is GOING to tell you how to make money online, and it NEVER DOES!!!!!!!! Does anybody know how I actually can make money online? AdSense is a good way, but I’m only a kid, and I only know the basics of website-making. (my website is Whenever I look, I always see that people are making insane money with AdSense. Can AdSense really earn you a lot of money? I want to earn about 25,000 for a car when I turn 18. I’m 12 right now. Could I possibly earn that much online in about 6 years? Is there any way other than AdSense to REALLY earn money online? Please don’t tell me to babysit or mow lawns, I’m too lazy to do that. If AdSense REALLY is the only way to make a lot of money online, then could somebody give me some good website topics?- a website that would be easy to make and would attract a lot of people so they would click on the advertisements? Thank you SO MUCH!!!

SEO for my Internet Marketing Blog?:

SEO for my Internet Marketing Blog?

I have a Internet Marketing Blog at and I was wanted to try Exact Factor’s Automated “Seo & Go” Service. I want to know if any of you have tried it, and if you think it looks okay.
“” isn’t working. I can’t find the submit button 🙁
I mean “” isn’t working. Can’t find submit button. doesn’t look legit. Testimonials don’t have names or websites.
No in-depth description, of product or author. For the rest of you NO SCAMS, NO SELF-ADVERTISING

where i get internet marketing details?:

where i get internet marketing details?

where i get internet marketing details?
how to promote web site?
i have good products in hand but don’t have online/ net marketing knowledge?
how to submit site for search engine?
how to add more links?
please tell me how to start for online marketing? i am Ready to invest my hours for that,

How to get a niche in affiliate marketing?:

How to get a niche in affiliate marketing?

For example, many people are promoting weight loss products but where do they get the contents to write about? Do they actually buy the products first to test it out themselves before pitching for it?

I have interests in a wide variety of things but I don’t know about a specific thing well enough to write a whole blog about it. How is it possible to start this way?

What the first steps to starting affiliate marketing? Is it finding a niche, getting a web hosting site for a blog, then blogging about the products? What’s google adsense and what does bidding for words mean?

What are your perceived major barriers to success in internet marketing?:

What are your perceived major barriers to success in internet marketing?

I really enjoy writing articles on all things internet marketing and help people crack the code for making money online. I specialize in reverse engineering highly effective strategies from the likes of Frank Kern, John Reese and the other heavy hitters in internet marketing. Anyway’s I would really like some feedback as to what you think may be holding you back from healthy online earnings.

No matter how weird or wonderful your answers would love to hear them all so I can better provide top notch FREE content on my dablufox Hubpage acocunt.

Thanks in advance for all your answers!