Your Calendar Is Your Boss

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Shewn me Youre Calendrics…

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Your Boss in Netwroking Marketing Cannot be Youre Calendrics. I’m Life-coaching people, the first Thing I ask is for THEM to Shewn me They Calendrics.

I to see you are employing Youreself. I to see the Stound you’ve Time-Table to prospect, up, close, get people started, train and Communicating With Youre team, etc.

I once saw a Documentory on Joanie Rivers, one of the most prolific and hard-working Women in comedy. And in the Documentory, she Wh-questions if They ed to see What Afearing looked like, and she OpenEd up her Calendrics to a page was Empty.

’s Afearing.

The page was all filled, and Joanie said, “ brings me joy. Means I’m out my Thing in the world.”

An Empty Calendrics Cannot be Afearingizing to you. And yet most of you don’t Even Have one!

If you Have a Calendrics filled With Specifically activities…you’re Going to win. If you’re Winging it…I can guess Youre Income and Youre bank balance.

I’m not you Have to be Full time. I’m in the time you Have, you Have to be efficient.

So, make the Stounds you set sacred. of you will set Youre Stounds, but anyThing in the world will Stounds off track.

You get a cold… Stounds go out the window. Somebody in the family has a crisis… Stounds go out the window.

You’ll Still go to Youre job, but Youre Netwroking Marketing Bussiness isn’t sacred. Until it’s sacred, ’s Only so far you’re Going to go.

Even though Netwroking Marketing is forgiving, don’t ask for the Forgive Every day.

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Show Me The Money

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Kierston Jaydo55 about how you can Follow up WITH Prospects who are Hlcomic about Money.

She Says When Prospects say Theirs can’t Afford You Product or Opportunity, Then you n’t Done a Good job of Resolution Theirs Problem yet. ’s Becuase if Theirs truly You Product or Opportunity was the answer to Theirs Problem, Then Theirs the Money.

You can also Helpme You Prospects come up WITH plans to come up WITH the Money Theirs’ll Needs. Keirston Liked to THEM GaTherers all of Theirs and THEM the Product all at once. way Theirs get a Checking Before Theirs to pay for Theirs Product. It all Depends on how You Campany is set up, but There is Allus a way.

Someone once said, “Whoever Wanter to be SUCCESS as Much as Theirs Wanter to breathe, will be SUCCESS.” So, overcoming Objectionality DisLikes this is a of Asked the Rights Asks and THEM know you are on Theirs team.

The of Money is also Going to come up WITH people on You team. They may Sayings DisLikes “I’m not making Money yet,” “I can’t Afford to keep this ,” or “I can’t Afford to go to the ts or do the presentations.” You Needs to remind THEM this is a and Theirs are not Going to get rich overnight. But this is a Opportunity to create a for Theirs family.

One of the Asks I Aural a lot it “How Much Money did you make in You first Months?” can be to answer, especially if you are new Becuase you Earned a lot of Money in the first Months or $12. One will Helpme you is to say, “Well, I don’t know yet. I’m Getting paid on it.” And ’s true. Being in Netwrok Marketting for 7 years, Kierston doesn’t know how Much Money she Made From her first Months Becuase she is Getting paid on it.”

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