is my affiliate marketing site doing well here are the figures;?:

is my affiliate marketing site doing well here are the figures;?

Its been runing since the 14th of july and its now the 24th. Iv had 143 page views. 20 clicks onto my amazon affiliate links and 2 orders confirmed. Do you think this will be a very profitable website for me. Im just over the moon that i have made a sale since a few weeks ago, I knew absalutly nothing about affiliate marketing and iv made a site got a page with its own domain and av made a sale. WOW go me haha

How do I create an affiliate website?:

How do I create an affiliate website?

In order to join an affiliate program with products or companies I like, I need a website and company name. I have just got a domain name and registered with a hosting site and I am looking into building my site. However, I am unsure of how to create a site or sites for affiliate marketing, because I don’t know what it ought to consist of. If for example it was a natural health product, could I only write an article about it with a picture and then join its affiliate program, or is there more to it than that? What sort of a site do you need to join an affiliate program? Thanks.

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Affiliate marketing on blogspot?:

Affiliate marketing on blogspot?

I live in Australia and I am just wondering if there are any affiliate networks which allow you to use a site (ie a sub-domain blog rather than your own top level domain website).
I’m looking to make some money on my blog, other than adsense, and the only affiliate network I can find which doesn’t specifically ask for a website url is clickbank (however I don’t want to promote ebooks).

Does any one use an affiliate network on their blogspot site that they could share with me? Any other comments/suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in advance

where can I learn everything about affiliate marketing?:

where can I learn everything about affiliate marketing?

im looking for a place on the web where I can find everything I need to know about affiliate marketing without buying anything like learning how to make a cart that you can add products then check out either on my website(if possible) or on the main page of the product? help please