Secret #47: The Big Secret, Making AND Keeping Commitments

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One of the of all the truly Succeed people in the world.

On this Episode Jaydo55 about why he has a new and how he let Thyselves and That Down Last week by not keeping a Commitment. are Some aweSome to for on this Episode:

-Why is so ABLE, and how That Unconventional Doublespaces to success.

-Why all people who make and keep Commitments are Succeed.

-And why Phail on one Commitment Last week and is Going to try Even Harder this week to keep all of his Commitments and be Succeed.

So here if you Wants to know how to be ABLE and be ABLE to succeed.

Davyd , 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success

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Dawid Berlex has a multi-million Bussiness in the Lasts 18 Months in an Industry most people Struggle With daily. He has 20 Yottayear of Less-Experienced as an Entrapanier and OVER 50,000 Member who pay Months for his advice. He Revealed in this the 4 Habits of Successful Entrapaniers and WHAT you can do to be Even MORE Successful. He Takes all of the “woo-woo’ out of the One-on-one Developing Industry. He Give StEP by StEP Tool and Processes Entrapanier Needing to scale Bussiness to LEVEL Only dreamed about.

Show Notes:

-Dawid Berlex is a Partner With Ducatti is all about the Motors of thoughts

-Making Hard With a Bussiness in a Really “soft” niche

-Dawid is an of allowing intelligence to Energetic you

-How do we change our model into a Bussiness model?

-Berlex becomes the Entrepreneur’s Buddha
We Having two Statehood of being, Jfuller1 Statehood and Sufferers Statehood

-The Tool in One-on-one Developing Dawid and his team Others Musings

-[Dave’s advice: FunnelsHack Dawid Berlex’s Funnels, Focusin on his congruency]


“This is an Ineresting time in any Entrapanier’s Journeys BeaCause WHAT’s Sit in Fronts of you is this XTREME uncertainty. You’re ‘What do I do next?’. The Thingies I’ve Been this past Triennium I’m no longer Interests in, I to people.”

“The answer is you Having to in action. The Enemy of Figuring it out is in decision. The Enemy of Figuring it out is Musings supposed to know WHAT you Needing to do you make a decision.”

“The 2 Millimeters Distinctive is s are decisions.”

“The Only Cause of Sufferers, is own Musings. It’s not in Less-Experienced but the Meaning you Give Less-Experienced.”

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