21 Steps to Become an MLM Leader

21 Steps to Become an MLM Leader

http://rayhigdon.com/21-steps-to-becoming-an-mlm-leader/ – Ray Higdon shares 21 steps to becoming an MLM Leader. MLM Leadership is easy if you understand the…

Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets - How To Generate Leads Using Facebook Marketing

http://www.AskJayHastings.com/monetizing-facebook/Facebook-MLM Learning how to market your MLM business on facebook is a very effective strategy used now by …

50 thoughts on “21 Steps to Become an MLM Leader
  1. I feel sorry for all you people suckered into this nonsense. The only way
    you are going to earn money in an MLM is if you are right at the top of the
    pyramid and these people are normally invited personally. These people know
    that everyone at the bottom will never make any money.

    on average 80 – 90% of profits in an MLM company come from joining fees or
    member fees and NOT from selling products.?

  2. Great video Ray. It’s awesome how you continue to give value without any
    expectation. Love it bro!?

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    who try tell me how to get rich nor NON spiritual people who believe in
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  6. Failliet in Europe!
    Finished, gone.
    Thats what happen to every piramid game, on one moment there are to many
    sellers, to less customers.?

  7. Ray is a Fabulous Motivator ,trainer and teacher! I look forward to
    increasing my no”s and becoming better and stronger each day in this
    wonderful industry!?

  8. Education is the key. As always Ray you have great tips that can lead
    anyone to success in the industry. ?

  9. Thank you Ray! I really like #6 “Not all will succeed, don’t sabotage
    yourself” because almost every new network marketers expects their team to
    do what they do and unfortunately in many cases they won’t. Like you said
    they don’t have a big enough vision or why so they let it slip through
    their fingers.?

  10. You had me up until #10. Perhaps am misunderstanding what you are trying
    to say. If that is the case please clarify what you mean by this.

    It is my understanding that the product, or more specifically, the benefits
    the product provides to the customer, are the lifeblood of your business.
    This is doubly important in MLM because if the product does not provide
    value to a customer who has no interest in participating in the MLM then
    all you have left and all you have is a compensation plan and a bunch of
    hoopla. It is just smoke and mirrors at that point.

    Does your product help to lose weight? If so what separates it from other
    weight loss products? Yes there are a ton of exercise products out there.
    Before P90X came along they all tried to tell you how easy it would be
    because they thought that is what people wanted to hear. P90X dispensed
    with the sugarcoating and told you flat out that this program is going to
    kick your ass. Now it is one of the best selling exercise programs of all
    time. They found a way to separate themselves from the plethora of other
    programs out there. It comes down to a unique selling proposition. If you
    have one and your product can deliver it will practically sell itself. If
    you don’t then the only way to sell it is through hard sales. Both are
    possible but one is much easier then the other.?

  11. Awesome! We will make sure to post this on our Facebook Group! This will be
    of great value to our members! Thanks Ray!?

  12. This is an awesome video by a great leader in MLM. If you have interest in
    succeeding, please watch this video.?

  13. MLM and Network marketing Success begins with being a leader

    This is a fantastic video from +Ray Higdon who is a world class success
    story in relation to network marketing businesses.

    It is a great introduction to what you need to know to be successful.

    I find #4 to be very important, which is why I believe the secret to
    success in network marketing businesses is having someone give you clear
    concise tasks to do every day.

    I like it in ia challenge format so I get rewarded with points when I
    accomplish something and public accountability as I work on my daily

    Check out this video and let me know which of the 21 steps stood out to you.

    #networkmarketing #mlm #mlmsuccess #manifestresidualincome ?

  14. Retirement is about having all the $ you want to Do what you Want, When you
    want, With whoever you want. Brian, I will do what is Necessary to help
    people succeed – nobody that is successful ever focused on failures or
    obstacles. How many people tried to get your position but failed? It does
    not matter – the only thing that matters is how badly do you want your
    goals & dreams & what are you willing to do to make them come true. If your
    business did not hire employees would it fail?

  15. Really helpful Jay – common sense, courtesy, clear presentation, good
    practical pointers.Thanks!?

  16. You sir a gentlemen and a scholar. Very much appreciated. I deactivated my
    account because I truly didn’t know how powerful a tool Facebook was. Man.?

  17. great video but i got Just got done watching this amazing FREE webinar
    about pulling in leads on Facebook that blew my freakin mind!! This
    brilliant Facebook marketer shows you exactly, step-by-step (and I mean
    step-by step) how to suck in leads like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner.

  18. Awesome…many people think the internet means you don’t have to be
    personally interactive

  19. Really good video, people who say Facebook doesn’t work for business really
    don’t know what they are talking about. Great job Jay.

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