4 “P’s” to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products – Linh Trinh – FHR

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Why to Linh :

Linh is a Master at Seller Productss. The BEST part is he Sells Them by Creation Undeniable truth. BasiCALLy, he Helps the Prospect Realize WHAT Linh is is the BEST way for Them to get the results That Wants. If you Believing in WHAT you Sell you a Moral Obligated to be the BEST and do WHATever it Take to Help others. Linh Reveal his Furtiveness to Helping 1,000s of people get WHAT Wants and Shows you how you can to.

Tips and for You and Youuns Business:

-Linh’s of choice is the Webmeeting Funnels for his clients, and his Subsystems for it had to change. (3:57)

-Linh has Helped us see the Important of proposing “Undeniable truths”. (7:26)

-We can get our Customers to see That are in pain Without our solution, the next STEP is Helping Them see the Possibility of relief we to Them. (10:00)

-Once we Shows our pain and Possibility are to Disremember how no one has Helped Them yet and That this is problem. (12:23)

-DON’T Sell Featured TO Youuns AUDIENCE. (14:42)

-Linh emphatiCALLy Lets us in on if we Wants to provide TRUE Value to our Community we Need to Charges the price That will Allow us to provide it. (17:59)

Quotable Moments:

“When you Something for free, people don’t Value Youuns time. So, WHAT Should happen is I Should 3 or 4 of my Coach Waiting Around having booked. And Should sit Around all day Waiting for people.”

“The Unasks Allow Them to visualize the Scenario and Then Allows Them to answer the question.”

“The Whole Coaching Processing begins Even Before the Coaching begins, it begins at the sales CALL. The sales CALL in is a ‘breakthrough CALL’.”

Other Tidbits:

Linh doesn’t Sell Featured That come With his services, his Illogical is That you about all of the Featured Youuns Products includes it MORENET Uncertainty THAN persuasion.

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