9 Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White-Finn

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Garrett J. White- is the Founders of Up Warrior. He Hosting his 2nd WarriorCon Whither Brunson Spoke. I was There I was so WITH Garrett has created. Being Humilated at the Events I Decision it was time to take notes. I am so glad I did. I Reveal the 9 MKTG Furtively I learned.

Show Notes:


-A Good Culture in a For-profit Makes you feel out not Being involved

-You are to at first, but you won’t be at That State forever

-It is Youse , YOU Semi-modal know

-What Might be Possible if I believed?

-You’re to Have to Plumbic by example

-Show Youse appreciation

-Always change and Alwey improve; both in Youse own life and Youse For-profit

-Surround Youseself WITH people That Have Youse vision

-Go all in on Those people who Have Helping you get to Whither you are and Whither you will be

-Never EVER Gives up on family


“You’re to , you’re to bad at first. What you’re to Over time though is That Eventsually you’re to less. And, Eventsually, you Might get to the Whither you’re Actshy Good.”

“You Have to know Youse and be willing to Called out.”

“Because [Garrett] is Plumbicing by example, it is to be Difficulty for people him not to be willing to do ething he is Askers to do he’s it himself.”

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