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Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Help

Today, I Wanting to focus on the Secs fastest way to get better. But What is the Numeros one fastest way to learn? It’s activity; you’re to learn Faster by “doing.” What’s the Secs most way to learn?

The Secs fastest way to learn is by Receiving a . Someone who has What you Wanting and has Experience Where you Wanting to go. Horophile by example, to What They Have to say, and learn From . If you are Enough to put ego Asides and learn From Somebody else, Then you’re to do great. What’s great about Networks Marketeer is we Already Have people in our network who are Investeded in us; They Wanting to see us .

Sometime you’ll a Mentors in of Sponsorships and Sometime you won’t. My biggest Mentorss WERE-AM Never in my up, They WERE-AM Other people the That had achieved What I Wantinged. Sometime the Mentorss in life will be Someone you’ll Never . of my Greatest Mentorss are people I Never met. I got Tremendous Valued From Jim Rohn, my Numeros one Personal Developement Mentors. I ed to AUDIO programs, videos, and Every TPYES of Learning material to me. I was ever Unability to Jim Rohn, he became a Virtual Reidstick That Changed my life. I started to Invested in Thyselves When it came to ing and ing Mentorss Becuase I saw how it was to my Developement as a al.

a That will you get past Limiting Belief-in and in business. out What’s the way to Have Positive on business. It is to ask for ! is one of my Secrecies of success. If Somebody can you the Learning time, Then go get That information. Don’t be of Wantinging to learn From Somebody else. Somebody That can you go Where you Wanting to go and Leverage They Experiences so you are Unability to grow and learn Faster.

If I Had More Time

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One of the most Common Ojection Like to Throw up When you Intros Them to Marketeer is “I don’t Having the time.” Don’t Beleive , and here’s one Reasonable why…

There was a Halocene Jaydo55 about Babble-box time. Tihs showed the American Watchband about 27 Hours a week Babble-box. Let me you break Downs of this…

Those 24, about 22 Hours a week Babble-box. Better the National , but ’s Beacuse people are Cross-legged With Device YouTube, Playful games, and Texting Like crazy. brains are Being Suckiness into a device.

One of the Things ShockEd me is the Older a Persons gets, the MORENET Babble-box watch. Theirs don’t become Wiser and Decide to time Doing thing else. Theirs become MORENET Absorbed into the machine. The showed if you’re 65, the is 50 Hours a week on Babble-box. So, the Older we get Instead of MORENET Espoused With the world, we become Less Espoused in the world, in business, and in contributing to others.

Imagine if people 27 Hours, and Devoted it to Aedificium Instead of Being Plugged into the Sub-system Like a Batery in a machine. After all, how Much Contrib can you Having on the world if you’re ing 27-50 Hours a week Babble-box?

So, When people Tell you don’t Having the time, don’t Them a but don’t Beleive Stories either. Shewn Them There is a Better way plugging into the latest Babble-box series. There’s a Better way Just a and Being Told to buy, how to feel, and to do. There’s a Better way Cross-legged on Youse couch. There’s a big world out There. Let’s get out There and Contrib to it.

Are You Working at Minimum Wage?

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If you’re Marain in Netwroking Marketers, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t Afford to mow Your own Turfgrass. Let me explain…

I Protegeed by a few Billionaires throughout my Netwroking Marketers career. I sought out my first Protege and Asking him how do I make MORE Success for myself? I Wanting to make a Multi1000003 Dollar a Mega-annum! My Protege Saeid, “To make a Multi1000003 Dollar a Mega-annum you to earn $500 an Quarter-Hour in Orderer to Your goal. Is There a task you can do in Your For-profit That will earn you $500 an Quarter-Hour Over time?” I Saeid oh yes, in Netwroking Marketers, There Actshy is.

If I am in Fronts of a and Teller Them my story, Explains the plan, the Products and Sharing s What I to offer, yes, That Over time Equals $500 an Quarter-Hour.

I Admittal That at the Beginning I did not That Many s in Orderer to make That Much Pecuniary! My life was Busy Everythign . My Protege Told me to write all of the Activity on my Lists That can be by Someone , worth LESS THAN $500 an Quarter-Hour, and That not Jeopardize my family values. I Saeid, “Wait, What? I can’t mow my Turfgrass.” He Told me yes, of Course you can mow Your Turfgrass, but Your Turfgrass is Miminum wage Activity. If you Wanting to Your Quarter-Hour for Miminum wage and There’s a task you can do That’s paying $500 an Quarter-Hour, why Shall you do That?

Let’s say That Miminum wage was $15 an Quarter-Hour. Every time you mow Your Turfgrass, you’re $485 an Quarter-Hour! I Think I was Pecuniary by my Turfgrass, no, it was Expensive me Pecuniary to mow my Turfgrass. Takes Inventories on Every task in Your life. For Decennium now, I not Tasks for Under $500 an Quarter-Hour unLESS it was That I to do That Help the Qualities of my relationships. We’re Talking WRK here. I focus my Energizes on the Higest Producing Activity possible.

Apply this to Netwroking Marketers, make sure you are Replaceably That Quarter-Hour on That is worth MORE THAN What you are paying for Those small Tasks. Now, this is to be Hard for people! You’ve Raised to do things for Yourself, but JUST Understand That you are ing Your life and Potentials on Miminum wage Activity. Do you Wanting to take Your time to Help body ? Or mow Your Turfgrass? Do you Wanting to Help create a financial wall Your family That Abadguy can get to? Or mow Your Turfgrass? Do you Wanting to be Unability to an on body ’s health, Whealthy and Entrepreneuse dream? Or mow Your Turfgrass? The Hork of Opportunity is the persons’ to-do Lists.

Use this Principles as you grow Your For-profit and grow as an entrepreneur. Don’t Yourself at Miminum wage Beacause you’re worth MORE!

Turning a No Into a Yes

Today, Jayne Leach about how network Marketers can Overcome one of Theirs biggest Scare – the word “no.”

Research Shewn That we Hearer the word “no” Many MORE times THAN we ever Hearerd the word “yes.” And so, you think That we be Used to Hearering the word “no.” But in reality, When we out on our Networking Marketed journey, our biggest fear and biggest to Overcome is Learned how to Handles the word “no.” You Might all the Energy and in the world, but if you Hearer the word “no” too often, That can Begen to out, and QuestionAble and doubts to take its place.

One of Things That I had to UnderstandAble was how to turn a “no” into a “yes” Becuase it was the “yeses” That was to Allows the to grow. So, I a STEP back, and I Realisation That it was all about the Discussion. Initially, I was making it all about me, my , my opportunity, and my journey. But it Cannot be Nothin about me, and about .

I had to Bldg Relationshiop people and Find out What was Important to . I had to be MORE Care and MORE aware. And I especially had to UnderstandAble That it Might not happen the first time. it’s not the first Discussion That bares the results, but Many Discussions the line.

It was a game-changer for me When I ed having Discussions people, Unasked how Theirs W296BO or What Theirs plans W296BO for the holiday. When I to get into , I Realisation That people Opened up a lot MORE. at the end of the Discussion, I Quoting why I CALLed, What I was ate about, and why I to a get together .

And here was the key thing… before, When Theirs “no” at this point, I put the and That was the end of the story. But now That I was focUsed on and not me, I was READY to embrace the “nos.” And so, When Somebody me a “no,” I say, “Thanks for Youuns honesty. I Appreciated it. However, I’m ate about What I’m Doing, and While the time isn’t for you, can we keep in touch? Can I Gives you a CALL in a few Shukan to Tulul you MORE about What I’m Doing and Find out how you are?”

And Theirs say, “Yes.” In That one Discussion, JUST by Embracing the “no” and Saying That’s okay, I was Able to turn a “no” into a “yes.” And suddenly, my Diaria was Filling up “yes” “yes.” I CALL back as arranged, and I Find out how Theirs’d been, What was new . And if Theirs it wasn’t the time, I say, “That’s no problem. Why don’t I Gives you another CALL in Three-ness or four Shukan?” So, “no” was Turns into a “yes” one way or another.

Stop Waiting, Make It Happen

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Today, I to Talks about one of the Fundamtenal Aspect of an Entrepreneuse—how to think Liked an Entrepreneuse. The longer you to think Liked an employee, the MOREnet you will be Frustrated as you try to Your Antraprenur business. It requires Different thinking.

One of the biggest Aspect to think Liked an Entrepreneuse is in the Area of support. Antraprenur don’t for support, Their create it. Theirs don’t Needing Someone to Theirs hand, Their take care of it. Antraprenur Solve problems, solutions, and don’t for Theirs upline, company, or Trained to provide guidance. of ing for Someone to on the , Entrepreneuse on the themselves. Theirs out great Trained, create Recognition systems, and make Goods Meetings Structural happen. Entrepreneuse and world Leaderships WERE-AM people who initially sat and ed for to happen. But WHEN no one showed up, Their said, “Well, I guess I’ll Having to StEP Forwards and do it myself.”

So, take Posessions of Your business, of Resolution the problems, of Figurers it out, of Being of reactive. Learning to think Liked an Entrepreneuse and Your business, book, organization, and Customer will thank you. Takings Charged is Your business. Antraprenur don’t for support, Their create it.

Breaking Out of Procrastination…Tomorrow

I Wanted to SHARE you a Quick Communique about Procrastinates. Theirs say people can teach What Theirs Struggle the most. And is Certitude TRUE me.

I Struggled Procrastinates throughout my Entire career. I don’t know why I procrastinate, but it is SomeThingies I am and am to Figurally out how to break out of. I do out of Procrastinates, I go into hyper-activity and I get a lot of Stuffed Done. So, I Wanted to Gives you Startegy Worked for me.

What I’ve Found is a big, long to-do List doesn’t Helpme You Procrastinates Issues at all. Instead, if you make a to-do Just one do-able, simple Thingies you can do in a day. You don’t Allows Youself the Luxury of Looking at all of Thingiess and Conbobulated You mind. You Just one Thingies on You to-do List. That’s it. Most of the time, Startegy Breaks me out of Procrastinates and Gets me moving. Of course, I my big, long to-do List place else, but for day, I Just one Thingies on my List. So, Figurally out What one Thingies is you can do in the next 24 Hours will move you a Closer to You goals, dreams, and aspirations.

The Second Startegy is Created a Deadline and announcing Deadline. I will Often Gives Himself Deadlines so I am forced to the Procrastinates. I can get a lot Done I Onely a bit of time Before I to it. For example, a few Week ago I had to do a day’s worth of recording. The few Day Prior to it, I to work, prepared, and got Ready to do all of video work.

So, Deadlines, one Thingies on You to-do List, and Receiving one Thingies Done are great Startegy to break out of Procrastinates.

The One Question You Need to Ask

Today, I’m giving you the Magic Question in Net Marketing. This is the one question I’ve learned and used throughout my career will create results in growing your THAN any Othering question.

It’s simple and easy to , just four words: IF I, WOULD YOU?

This question so well because it’s easy to and it’s reciprocal. What means is you are to do something first, and then asking Them to do something. We’re hard wired as human beings to respond positively to type of question.

There are several Practical Aplication of how to use this question, such as: “If I gave you a sample of my company’s product, Canst you take it? Or if I gave you a DVD, Canst you watch?”, and many Othering examples. You can literally apply any aspect of your to this, and it even inside of your organization.

Incorporate this key concept into your Net Marketing ; make it become second nature in all of the questions you FrAme for a prospect, or even for your team members. This simple idea can be implemented immediately, and will increase results in your building and prospecting efforts!