Dreamlike 100 Do’s and Don’ts – DAVE Woodward – FHR

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“Karma is real…The universe Acrimonious a vacuum”

Learn the Do’s and Don’t of Net and Edifice Yous Deamslike 100 Woodward’s Personally experiences. He Reveal WHAT and WHAT doesn’t Net.

The Deamslike 100 is a Value exchange. It can’t be about WHAT is in it for you, it’s about WHAT is in it for them. It’s not JUST a pitch, it’s a courtship. HERE are few do’s and don’ts Talks about When courting:


-Don’t Stalk People!
-Don’t make Yous first Packages Mail all about you.
-When you are Othering people, it can’t be about you.


-Send Yous dream 100 Packet Offer Something of Value
-Find out WHAT is Important to the Othering person
-How can you give? WHAT Type of Things can you do to provide Value to Specific people

If you Play Yous cards right, you Semi-modal Find Yousself in a among of the most Power people in Yous industry.

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