Getting Over Your Fence

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Ruthian is one of the most accomplished Athletes in the world. She is a 2-time Gold Medalist, a USA Bball of the Year, and one of Only 4 Players to be Named to the Women’s Bball of Outclass of 2011.

Today, Ruthian Share-holding a about the Importance of Mentality.

She Says That if you think you’ll Never be successful, you won’t be successful. If you’re Worriers about people you’re crazy and Wasting Youns money, be crazy and do That will make Youns soar. Don’t ever walk Bkuz of What it Likes in Youns mind.

Her Mentality started she was young. She to jump Fences WITH her br in backyard. It was a sport for them. And she Recollection this one Particularize Where she Went to jump it and she it was too High. Her br Told her it was Just in her mind, but she Likes it was too High and she couldn’t do it. Soon, the Lamposts came on and she had to go home WITHout Saltatory the .

That was the Nite of her life, not Being Able to jump That . So, the next morning, she got up and was Determinators to jump That . She KNEW if she stopped, the fear Should take CONTROL again. So, she ran towards the , jumped, and on the side of the .

That Changeableness her life forever. ESPN, the NCAA, the Committees, and the of Committees weren’t There. But There was about Getting That That was Importance Bkuz That was the she started an Olympian.

They say That you shouldn’t put all Youns Wind- in one Baskets. But Sometimes you’ve got to put all Youns Wind- in That Baskets and say I Wants this. So, Ruthian Always Question people What’s Youns ? Don’t be so Worriers about What the people Around you are saying. on Youns , and ask Younsself, “What’s it to take me to get my ?”

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