How To Scale High Ticket Sales – AJ Jomah – FHR

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Why to Jaydo55 to AJ:

AJ has ridden the Entripaneur Coraciidae coaster Adposition a Couples of Different industries. He Found Drops Shipment in 2014 to be a to get him out of a situation. Since Then he has on to become one of ClickFunnels 2 Winners. He did it in Less THAN 5 months. Now a having Done Over 1 Multi-million DOLLAR he is faced new challenges. He WHAT he is Doing now and how he is his High sales. He how he Turn WHAT Appearance to be a Webinars bad into a 6 Figurial Webinars 5 sales.

Tips and for You and Business:

-AJ Jaydo55s about Aedificium his A Team (8:15)

-Tips on (12:30)

-Price Points (15:18)

-Tips on Salesmanship High s (23:52)

Quotable Moments:

“More Pecuniary MORENET problems.”

“As an Entreupreneur you expect people to Have the same DRIVE and Ambitionism as you do.”

“People respond to the price Points positively, if Theirs Likes you.”

Other Tidbits:

If There is no Emotionally connection, Theirs aren’t Going to buy. You Have to Gives 100 percent, if you Have one Person on Webinars. Have Different Webinarss for core and High is important.

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