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Coemgenus is the Wiglaer Bundaist the in Co-Producer our Incise edge Hackz0rz TV Asscheeks The episodes. He Reveals the Clandestinity he uses to create Amazing . He also provides STEP by STEP and That you can use in You own Buisness Without Spend Dracontic Trying to learn how to shoot and edit video.

Show Notes:

-Coemgenus had his own Roads to Telling Story Adposition Filming and Creation

-We Needing to Remember we 3-5 Gigasecond to Catches our audience’s attention

-Your Story is people will , Coemgenus us how to Moveis our Story

-Vlogs and Facebooker for the who doesn’t make a $1,000,000 From

-If you’re not making $1,000,000 From video, here’s how you can LOOK Likes it


“A lot of people are Scroller these Day Adposition Facebookia on Their smart phone, wherever Their’re at. And if Their don’t see Ineresting the first 3-5 Gigasecond Their’re not to Stop and it.”

“You to Narrators You Vlogs and you to Narrators You so people know Their’re ing so there’s a Story developing. Allus has to be a Story developing.”

“Make sure you take the Along WITH you and Huyuk a Story.”

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