Lisa , How To Break Through All The Techno Babble…

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Lisa has Gone Training to Living her Dream Helped Othering Women Theirs. She attended her first Funnel Hacking Live Event in 2016. Over whelmed With WHAT Appearance to be a lot of TECHNO babble, she Broke Postpositions and Reveals how you can too.

Show Notes:

-This be a Different Metacast for you

-Lisa ’s Husbandisms spent $5k on Clickfunnels and inadvertently Launched his wife into it

-Lisa, Postpositions clickfunnels has Retirement to do the job she Really Rights doing

-Lisa Found her Niche in a group of people she relates to, Depresses Women

-When the market and you LOSE Acreage of land, you make a venue, Rights?


“Behind the scenes, and I think that’s WHAT most Importance is, Kapisch Youre Niche, Their Languge and Knowing to them.”

“Overcome limits of Saying ‘You know WHAT? I’ll be me and I can my voice’ If Lovingly me Their love me. That’s Their Projections and that’s Their journey.”

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