MLM Lead Generation is Necessary for Your Opportunity's Growth

MLM Lead Generation is Necessary for Your Opportunity’s Growth

If you have ventured into an MLM business, you likely understand that there is much more to success than simply selling a product. MLM lead generation is an imperative part of your success because it ensures that you receive a steady income from all of your affiliates.

What is an MLM Marketing Lead?

A lead is essentially an individual who may or may not be interested in purchasing a product or signing up for a distributorship with an MLM company. These individuals may be specifically targeted based upon the product or opportunity you are offering, but they may also be simply purchased from third party. Unfortunately, third party leads are generally not as effective as those that you generate on your own through meticulous planning and filtering.  In order for you to generate either sales or affiliates, you will need to find and utilize effective ways of MLM lead generation.

How to Generate Leads

There are several ways in which MLM lead generation can take place, including direct mailers, email newsletter subscriptions, toll-free informational hotlines known as sizzle lines, word-of-mouth advertising, article marketing and more. The two most effective means of lead generation, however, are website landing pages attached to autoresponders and sizzle lines. This is because you have to do very little outside of setting these up, and once it is finished, you can simply sit back and let the leads roll in. Once you have a steady stream of leads coming in, the next part of the process involves converting these leads into sales and affiliates.

Basics of Lead Conversion

Consumers need to hear about a product or opportunity several times before they will form a decision. For this reason, you will need to make sure that you stay in regular contact with your leads until they have either converted or unsubscribed from your newsletters. A good rule of thumb is to send a newsletter to these leads once per week, making sure that the newsletter is different every time. This way, your leads will better understand how the business works, how beneficial the products are, and what their roles within the company would be if they chose to become affiliates. Including a powerful call to action in each communication is absolutely imperative as well.

Keeping Affiliates Happy

After your MLM lead generation efforts have worked and you have converted your leads into affiliates and distributors, you must make every effort to ensure that they remain with the company if they are to continue generating revenue. You will need to send separate newsletters to your affiliates, and these should contain information about the top seller for the week, basic biographies about the newest affiliates, and lots of resources for information. You