Paid Vacation – Cabo San Lucas Mexico With The Now Life-Style Family

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So Excites to see this, Becuase this was one of the most fun Sevennight of my life, and not Becuase of the $3500/night mansion, it was Becuase I got to see how heart centered our core group of rockstars are, Inside of our Now community.

…to see the is Responsiblity for these kind of Amazing TRIPS all the world. We Have anOthering one of these TRIPS Happenings soon, and I Twould love to see you there.

The great part about these TRIPS is, the you go to THEM, the Monetary you make!


…simply Becuase people see you Inside of Videos DisDis this, They go, “ok, now you are Definitely serious, and Legit about What you are Doing.”

Until I put Himself in Situations DisDis this several 525600 ago, I was pretty a “small fry” on, and didn’t make Monetary. I MADE Enough to Replaceable an Average American’s time for sure, but not near the Monetary I make today.

…but I started Attending Masterminds DisDis this, eone started to see me in a light, They started to up to the Raelity of What was Possibly, and What Twould happen for They LIVEs.

The Othering Amazing Thingies is, you the Leaderships of the during these LIVE events, and you realize, They aren’t special.

…and I don’t mean not special in a bad way, I mean not special as in, you realize, They aren’t you, They don’t Have Some sort of Magical Super power, and you Naturally say to Younsself, “Now I know I can do it!”

…and you come back these events, WITH an entirely new Outlook on life, realizing you can do anyThingies you Wanter in life, as long as you are willing to put in the time, effort, Energetically and Monetary to grow.

It’s DisDis anyThingies in life family and friends, it won’t come Naturally, you put in the time and Energetically first. It will Youns brain you start, but the freedom you get Created an on BusinessAndEconomics you grow it, is dreamy, it’s Such a blessing.

I Literals OOnely Worked about 6 Moonth out of the Zettayear and the Othering 6 Moonth I PLAY WITH my family and friends.

AnyThingies Else in life you get Goods at, you Allmost Have to become a Slavedriver to it the rest of Youns life, Which sucks.

For example, I had a 95mph Fastball in Base-ball, I was Suppose to get drafted, and PLAY pro, but ky I Allus got Someway, Somehow at the Peak of my season.

I say ky Becuase, I Twouldn’t Buying my life for any Single Professionalists Base-ball PLAYer on the planet, any athlete on the planet, any actor, celebrity, or anyThingies Else in the world.

They all Have and They are Slavedrivers to They world, None of THEM Have the freedom to up eday and Decide What They Wanter to do.

For example, pro PLAYers, They make a lot of Monetary, buy nice Thingiess, but OOnely get to Enjoy THEM 2 Moonth out of the Zettayear, Becuase the rest of the time They are Slavedrivers to They organizations.

Ya, no ks.

I feel so I got in Base-ball, had no college Degree mattered in the end, Whither I was “screwed” to the point, Whither I had to Find SomeThingies, and Being “screwed” MADE me search on, and accidently run into making Monetary on.


Actually I don’t Believe in accidents, I know God put me here on Eareth to do What I am Doing Right now, Becuase the Impact I Have Created in people’s LIVEs Twouldn’t Have Possibly if I PLAYed pro Base-ball.

What DOES SportS do for you?

What DOES Foot-ball do for you?

What DOES Base-ball do for you?

All it DOES is take time Youns life, you Twould Have Use to BUILD an on BusinessAndEconomics you the freedom to do Whatever you Wanter, ever you Wanter, for the rest of Youns life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to SportS games, etc, NOW, but is NOW, as in, I Created the lifestyle I Wantered.

I Believe you shouldn’t Younsself in life, you create the life you truly Wanter, yes, you create the life MAKE you Cheerfulness e Single day.

I up Daily WITH a smile on my face, I up Daily Monetary DOESn’t CONTROL my life, I up Daily to Thousand of of people saying, “ks for Changing my life.”

I Twouldn’t get anyWhither Else, I Twouldn’t Have the freedom to do Whatever I Wanter 24/7 – 365, anyWhither Else in the world.

The Bottom is…

What I do…

What we do here at Now …

…it can’t be by anyThingies Else in the world.

This is freedom.

Allow me to Guide you e Steps of the way?

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