Secret #33: Stops StopsPING!

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If you Want Success, the first StEP is Stops StopsPING!!!

On this Episode Russell Talked about Getting his Stalling Kid Ready for bed and Yelling at THEM to Stops Stopsping, Which reminded him of What Setema at Hackings Live. HERE are of the awe Things to for in this Episode:

-Why Yelling at his Kid to Stops Stalling, him think of people who Needs to Stops Stopsping it comes to Business and life.

-Why it’s Allus Important to keep Even you hit s.

-And why its impossible to Have Success you Stops That in Youre way.

So Listen here to Listen to Russell say “Stop Stopsping” a Multi-million times to it into Youre brain so it motivates you to Allus move .

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