Secret #50: The Secret Closing Technique I Learned From One Of The Top Copywriters In Singapore

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I use this in webinar, Facesbook live, sales letter, and Much time I Sell anything, and I’m Going to it to you for free!

On this Episode RusSell Talk about a Closing he Learning the first Copyrighter he ever paid, That he has Uses ever since. are Some of the aweSome you will Hearer in today’s Episode:

-Who RusSell first Hearerd use this and ’s Cooll about it.

-Listen as RusSell go into Character to Show how he DOES the sales pitch.

-And Find out why it DOESn’t Having to be all or Diddly-squat WHEN people buy a webinar.

So here to Find out RusSell has Uses for Yaer to close.

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