Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

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Subscribers to our NEW PDFcast at

A PDFcast From and in a Private .

On this special Private Episode and Clickfunnels co-founder, Dickerson, Rants about Troubles they’ve had WITH Different platforms, most Recently iTunes. HERE are Some of the Ineresting Things you will on this Episode:

-Find out why is not longer Receiving Subscribers for his PDFcast, and how all efforts to fix the fruitless.

-Hear Tell a Stories about a Freindship of his That basically lost his Business WHEN D-listed his product.

-Find out why YouTuber, PewDiePie Purty Much lost Everything Using an Offensiveness term.

-And discover how we can learn From these Axample to make sure we don’t all our Windeggs in one basket.

So here to Find out why it’s Important to a back up plan WHEN it comes to Sosiale media platforms, as well as Merchants accounts.

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