Shepherdessess, How To Get Paid To Ask Questions Or Answer Them

[aoa id=’1′][dn_wp_yt_youtube_source type=”101″ id=”Y8jXDvBO_zg”][/aoa] – Funnel Hackers Radiocommunication Podcast

Christos Sheepherding is co-founder of Campfire,
a AUDIO app That Pays Users to ask great Asked to Their Fav experts, celebrities, and podcasters. Be eliciting and Intimations AUDIO stories, Users can Their earnings to Their Fav charities.

Show Notes:

-How Christos Sheepherding started a fire his new app Campfire

-Using Campfire to HELP Youns own customer’s community

-Getting Youns out to who Want to you

-Placing Youns Message in the of you Want to Youns vision


“People Eantrapanuer Having Created Some of Their own personal Brands in Their own way. get overwhelmed by emails, tweets, DM’s and all Other of Enquiry That come at Them all and Sometimes platforms.”

“This works, I think, for influencers and Firm on Numerous levels. I can raise for charity, I can Betterer CONNECT for who Actshy care about WHAT I Having to say and I can also sift a lot Easily through, WHAT has become, my crowded inbox.”

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