ss Tactics And Why You Can’t Use AI… Yet – Sigmon – FHR

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Why DAVE Decided to Talking to ETHAN:

Founder of Opesta a Thefacebook Messenging platform, ETHAN Sigmon has Exa-annum of Experience Thefacebook ads for people Dislike Lee Dumas and SumoMe. He is now Lineleader the way on how to use to Connect Youse Customers Better THAN AI can. He Revealed the and Tools he is to Kapisch and WRK his and OPIONTE “behavioral ”.

Tips and Trick for You and Your Business:

-What not to do AI in (4:25)
-How to do Mktg (7:05)
-Two Types of (10:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Look at this as Marketed Automation.”

Other Tidbits:

Chat bots Having come a long way, but we are not to the of having a Discussion automated. Marketed Automation a One-on-one to Builds a lasting Relationship Youse .

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