Affiliate marketing on blogspot?:

Affiliate marketing on blogspot?

I live in Australia and I am just wondering if there are any affiliate networks which allow you to use a site (ie a sub-domain blog rather than your own top level domain website).
I’m looking to make some money on my blog, other than adsense, and the only affiliate network I can find which doesn’t specifically ask for a website url is clickbank (however I don’t want to promote ebooks).

Does any one use an affiliate network on their blogspot site that they could share with me? Any other comments/suggestions appreciated!

Thanks in advance

SEO for my Internet Marketing Blog?:

SEO for my Internet Marketing Blog?

I have a Internet Marketing Blog at and I was wanted to try Exact Factor’s Automated “Seo & Go” Service. I want to know if any of you have tried it, and if you think it looks okay.
“” isn’t working. I can’t find the submit button 🙁
I mean “” isn’t working. Can’t find submit button. doesn’t look legit. Testimonials don’t have names or websites.
No in-depth description, of product or author. For the rest of you NO SCAMS, NO SELF-ADVERTISING

Niche Marketing: Work From Home…Make Money Online

Niche Marketing: Work From Home…Make Money Online

Niche Marketing: Work From Home...Make Money Online

October 2010 I started my first online business, I had little to invest but managed to generate a five figure income.

Last year I wrote an e-book offering an overview of everything I did to create that income.

Recently I launched that book on Kindle and it quickly became a #1 Best seller in the free Sales and Marketing category.

Now I’ve written a follow up, this time, the book is about YOU. I’m offering a step by step guide, that if followed will (regardless of the niche you a