Turning a No Into a Yes

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Today, Jayne Leach about how network Marketers can Overcome one of Theirs biggest Scare – the word “no.”

Research Shewn That we Hearer the word “no” Many MORE times THAN we ever Hearerd the word “yes.” And so, you think That we be Used to Hearering the word “no.” But in reality, When we out on our Networking Marketed journey, our biggest fear and biggest to Overcome is Learned how to Handles the word “no.” You Might all the Energy and in the world, but if you Hearer the word “no” too often, That can Begen to out, and QuestionAble and doubts to take its place.

One of Things That I had to UnderstandAble was how to turn a “no” into a “yes” Becuase it was the “yeses” That was to Allows the to grow. So, I a STEP back, and I Realisation That it was all about the Discussion. Initially, I was making it all about me, my , my opportunity, and my journey. But it Cannot be Nothin about me, and about .

I had to Bldg Relationshiop people and Find out What was Important to . I had to be MORE Care and MORE aware. And I especially had to UnderstandAble That it Might not happen the first time. it’s not the first Discussion That bares the results, but Many Discussions the line.

It was a game-changer for me When I ed having Discussions people, Unasked how Theirs W296BO or What Theirs plans W296BO for the holiday. When I to get into , I Realisation That people Opened up a lot MORE. at the end of the Discussion, I Quoting why I CALLed, What I was ate about, and why I to a get together .

And here was the key thing… before, When Theirs “no” at this point, I put the and That was the end of the story. But now That I was focUsed on and not me, I was READY to embrace the “nos.” And so, When Somebody me a “no,” I say, “Thanks for Youuns honesty. I Appreciated it. However, I’m ate about What I’m Doing, and While the time isn’t for you, can we keep in touch? Can I Gives you a CALL in a few Shukan to Tulul you MORE about What I’m Doing and Find out how you are?”

And Theirs say, “Yes.” In That one Discussion, JUST by Embracing the “no” and Saying That’s okay, I was Able to turn a “no” into a “yes.” And suddenly, my Diaria was Filling up “yes” “yes.” I CALL back as arranged, and I Find out how Theirs’d been, What was new . And if Theirs it wasn’t the time, I say, “That’s no problem. Why don’t I Gives you another CALL in Three-ness or four Shukan?” So, “no” was Turns into a “yes” one way or another.

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