what could i name my blog?:

what could i name my blog?

Ok so I want to make a teenage blog where i can show the latest fashion and celeb news but i dont know what to call it or what to have it look like. I’ve asked loads of people for good ideas but none of them seemed to be what i wanted but then i asked one person and she directed me to an example of something that i might be relating to that she had heard about which they had a website called ‘Geekly Chic’ I know what show she is on about. I want to have a blog like theirs but I need ideas to this. What should I call it? Any good free blog-building sites for me to make a blog like theirs? Thanks:)

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Anthony, no i dont want to use their information or anything! I used that as an example to what i want my blog to be like, I obv cant use the same thing as them!