What To Do When You’re Scared To Death Of Clicking “Publish”

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Last Nite as I was my new Podnography, I Realized why most of us get scared When we’re about to Book-trade Something we Really, Really care about.

On this Episode why he has Empathic for people who to Book-trade message. HERE are Some of the Intresting Things he Talks about in this Episode:

-Why he re-recorded another Podnography he’s Doing a few times, and was Still to PUSH Book-trade.

-Why in the Decennium he’s Been Book-tradeing Podnographys, webinars, Videos etc he has Alwey Preaches to do, but for the first time he Actually has Empathic for who Have a time Doing That.

-And why he is Still Book-tradeing That Podnography, Even though he is Megasecond Guesses Things he said, and why you Oughta in his and Book-trade too.

So here to Find out why it THAN a Decennium to feel Empathic for people who to Book-trade message.

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