Ricardo Leite Jr., Success Secrets Of A College Entrepreneur

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Ricardo Leite Jr. is a college Euntreponuer and Imigration From Brazil. Recently Wedlocks and struggling to pay the Bills he did to turn into opportunity. Listen to Find out how he is Uses ClickFunnelss to test Products Before he buys THEM Thus drastically Improver his success.

Show Notes:

-Ricardo was Jogger out of for the Month and was Introduces to Amazon and soon had a near $3,000 Surplus in his soon after

-FUses Clickfunnels and Amazon

-Sell a Products Before you Having it

-Ricardo has Learner From his Euntreponuerial Experienced Thus far That you Needing to take action


“We WERE-AM about the of Salesman Something, Before you Having it here.”

“If you Having an idea That you Wants to Pursuit and you it’s to you Could try it. If you fail it’s not a big Deal try Something else.”

“What differentiates the Euntreponuer From the Persons who aspires to be an Euntreponuer are the That you take.”

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