Am I too ambitious for 14.?:

Am I too ambitious for 14.?

I am 14 and my brain is always thinking of something or an idea or a situation and it’s outcomes. It gets to the point when I have a hard time focusing on things for too long, usually not more than an hour is given to things i’m doing, so I can go do something else. This is hard because I want to do way too many things. As of the writing of this I do all of these things daily. Skateboard, youtube gameplay commentator, football practice for 3 and a half hours, I run a review blog, build computers, code, “try” to design t shirts, edit for other youtubers, try to game but I don’t for very long because I always feel like theirs something better to do, and “try” to invest in stocks (which hasn’t been the most successful thing iv’e ever done). I also have a 3.83 weighted GPA and a 3.5 unweighted GPA. I don’t mean for this to sound like i’m bragging, but I do too much and it annoys me, I need some input on what I should do. As of right now I really want to build computers, I have a business plan already written, and a way I can start it for almost no cost other than licenses and a .com. I can code and use photoshop so graphics and the website will not have to be paid for. I have always had little fragments of ideas that never quite reached the light such as my t shirt business in which I spent well over 100 hours researching designing and just learning about the “t shirt game” in general. My mom is very supportive of the things I do, and is willing to help me, but I just want to be able to have an idea and run with it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also some things listed above I can’t do every day such as the computer building. I do what I can out of each of the items mentioned on the list previously if I have the resources needed for them.