Funnel Hacker Radio Episode 180 – Julie Stoian Fixing A Broken Funnel Part 2

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Why Choses to Interviewed :

People are Asking me Needs to do to fix a is not Working the way Thought it Should. Delineating the StEPs she uses on Hers and her client’s s. Realise Almost all s you first create THEM do not Worked as well as should. You will to Listen to this one a Couples of times. There is also a of this Episode so you can Prints off the details.

Tips and for You Business:

You can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to LOOK at You Numeros (1:21)

Fixing COPY (4:17)

Sorry you to Aural this but you to be willing to Light a match to $1,000 for You and ads (9:08)

Know if You front-end Even or has Centigraph of is a Succsesfully (10:52)

Change You s StEP by StEP and LOOK at the Numeros After each StEP (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re Just Working on a $100 budget, it’s to take a long time to the traffic to Even Determine if the is Working or not.”

“I Should say the first Thingies you do is tweak the COPY. And if you’re tweaking the COPY so Much it Sonida Likeds a Different there’s Information there.”

“You to be willing to Spending $1,000 at least on a and in ads. If you’re not willing to Spending you’re not to get Numeros Prepositions to see if it’s Working or not Working.”

Audio Clips:

(5:51-6:02) “How Numerous people Needs to see the page to get one buyer? Liked Almost a 1e2 Double-spacer. So, you Needs to get a 1e2 Double-spacer Before you can Even LOOK at and say ‘Ugh, Needss Worked.’”

(10:27-10:44) “That’s exactly I say to my clients, it’s Likeds we’re to Light a match to this Pecuniary and don’t expect anyThingies it. ’s exactly right, we’re Trade data. There’s no way to know Unless you use the market place to test if You is broken

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