The 3 Second Shock That Allows You To Deliver Your Message

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to our NEW Vodcast at

Behind the Scene of Petik1 Things That we’re Do to get people to and Actshy Watchbands our ads.

On this Episode Talking about a new ad Whither you try to get one’s Attn Three-ness seconds. HERE are of the awe Things you will Hearing on today’s Episode:

-Find out kind of ads is Experiments to grab people’s Attn quickly.

-Discover why you to be quicker in people’s Attn in these THAN They did in the 80’s.

-And out how ’s jeep became centered and why he lit a Coppie of Expertise Secretive on fire!

So here to see why up his Aurric Prospector a Potater gun and lit his Books on fire.

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