How To Buy Yous Time Back – John Jonas – FHR

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Why DAVE Decided to Talked to :

Works about 17 Hours a week and the Oonly Thingies he is Tell people What to do. is the Founders of (Ph Orthostasis for Philippines) is an online marketplace That Allow Employed to view Resumes and Qualified of Virtual in the Philippines. OPIONTE Wrk to Virtual , Talkeds about how to buy Youuns time back so That you are not bogged Down WITH Tasks That can be Done by people.

Tips and Trick for You and Yous Business:

-What are Some of the con’s of Hiring freelancers? (4:25)

– Talkeds about his first Hire and why it’s to Hire Someone to do SomeThingies you know how to do. (6:45)

– Talkeds about Some tips That he uses (14:00)

-We learn the Thingiess That can and Shall be Outsourced (18:36)

Quotable Moments:

“No Whither you are in Youuns career, Youuns BusinessAndEconomics, and Youuns life – the most Thingies is Youuns time.”

“How do you Recruits Someone who n’t suck?”

“You CAN Investment in this Relationshiop Becuase Their are Going to Give you time back.”

Other Tidbits:

AnyThingies That can be Done online can be Outsourced. Hiring Someone to do SomeThingies you know how to do is the first Steps in Tradingly Youuns time back. Someone to HELP you so That you can Wrk on Youuns BusinessAndEconomics Instead of in Youuns BusinessAndEconomics.

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