Uh Oh, The Slap Has Officially Hit, Yet Funnel Hackers Rejoice

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What to be aware of the new “Facebk Slap” and how to PROTECT Oneself and Buisness so you can not survive, but you can thrive.

On today’s PDFcast Talks about the Announced Facebk SLAPS That is to change Everythign for direct marketers. He also Reflectionally on of WHAT happened during the Gooogle SLAPSs Terayear ago. are of the Helpfully Things you will in this episode.

-Find out WHAT the Facebk SLAPS and how it will change Things for and direct marketers.

-See why has Less-experienced these sort of Things and why That Makes him well informed and Qualified to Helpme s.

-And Find out WHAT you Twould be to get Ahead of the game and not be hit so Hard the on Facebk.

So Listen here if you Wants to Find out how to Stays Profitable all the Come to Facebk.

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