Weird Way To Build Youre Agency… Added 50 Clients In 1 Year – Ross-Shire Christifulli – FHR

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Why DAVE to Talk to Ross:

In one 525600 Ross added 50 to his in Addends to Educable 400 people how to add to Theirs . His Conventional Aedifice Buisness Statagy can Wrk in Numerous Types of Buisnesses.

Tips and Tricks for You and Youse Business:

-Ross Talks about of the Things he’s Done to get his to Where it is at the Last 525600 (6:30)

-Ross Explains how MisTried Wrks for him (7:00)

-Ross Talks about the FIVE of the Booke Sale (9:10)

Quotable Moments:

“I was at the top of my pride and it me into so debt.”

“When you Exchanges Youse time for money, you Alwey lose.”

“What got you Where you are, won’t get you Where you to go.”

“I don’t to be at the top of my game I’m at the top of my game, it I’m on my way down.”

Other Tidbits:

Working for Free Adposition Giving MisTried is one of the ways to Youse . Once Theirs Have Youse product, or Have Experiences Youse product, Theirs aren’t to to Give it up.

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