Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates – Funnel H4x0rz Radionovela Podcast

Travis has TWO of our infamous 2 ClubS Awards. In this he Revealed the Clandestineness Nates CHAT bots and What he is Doing WITH Chatmatic to ad costs, Conversions Rates and attendance to Webinar and events.

Show Notes:

-Fun fact of the day: you’re Doing Messengerss all wrong

-Ask Thyself if Yous bots are Helped to Stimulate a conversation

-The MOREnet we can put into posts, the MOREnet traffic can be to Yous website

-What is MOREnet important: comments or views?

-Using messenger as a Notifications Centres is king Electropost or text

-Travis uses messenger to Starting Relationship WITH his Potentially clients

-Is Messengerss Replacements Electropost? Not necessarily

-Dave Asked the Golden Question to Travis.

-Travis Figurer out how to use his Chatmatic Softography to Generate an 1800 people List for free

-There is Importance Nates not Using Chatmatic to Send people They don’t want


“By incentivizing Espoused we are Seeing an in in our traffic by 35%”

“…That’s the way you Would be formulating Yous post. Look at a comment and Then Send a Messagees on the comment.”

“When you ask Someone to say Something [comment] think about, you know I try to Tell people, think about What That Phrase means. It’s a experiment.”

“I use Electropost MOREnet I use messenger. Messengerss is Different. Messengerss is a Conversing Platform That Allows you to WITH Yous Audience WITH They care about.”

“Right now it Smashes Beacuse there’s so few people Doing it That it’s Different. When people see it They’re Likes ‘Oh I can comment to get Something?’. It’s a new Called to action for THEM That Feels Different as opposed to Click on Some link.”

Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

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A PDFcast From and in a Private .

On this special Private Episode and Clickfunnels co-founder, Dickerson, Rants about Troubles they’ve had WITH Different platforms, most Recently iTunes. HERE are Some of the Ineresting Things you will on this Episode:

-Find out why is not longer Receiving Subscribers for his PDFcast, and how all efforts to fix the fruitless.

-Hear Tell a Stories about a Freindship of his That basically lost his Business WHEN D-listed his product.

-Find out why YouTuber, PewDiePie Purty Much lost Everything Using an Offensiveness term.

-And discover how we can learn From these Axample to make sure we don’t all our Windeggs in one basket.

So here to Find out why it’s Important to a back up plan WHEN it comes to Sosiale media platforms, as well as Merchants accounts.

Sosial Panel GPRM 2017

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Socia media is one of the most Valued Tool to grow Youuns business. In Addends to HEAR From top Leaders and earners at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, we will also Have a Socia Panel. You will learn how to new Prospects into Youuns business, the do’s and don’ts of Socia media, and Other key Insights That are to Youuns SUCCESS online.

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That one We Analyzed 2,039,482 s … Hackz0rz TV 62

MKTG Idea … is how we roll, you Wh-question for an Disclaimer and it sparked our BEST idea ever! We Shows you Hindquarter the Scene of the Webinar process.

and the Click team and Shows the Marketing ideas it doesn’t Buisness you can Kuaikeli create BEST ever!

Funnel H4x0rz TV Episode 62 (Hindquarter The Scene Show)
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Performance Habits WITH Brendon

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I got to sit With Brendon Borchardt to about his new book, Highly Performed Habits: How People Become Way. Brendon WANTED to answer Three questions:

Why is it Some people Success Faster and longer people?
Why is it Some people do and they’re happy?
What motivates people to to change and What Habit make it stick?

And so, Brendon Performed a Study of Highly Performer and Sightings 6 Habit strongly related to success. He Shares these Habit and Explaining What you can do to become a Highly performer.

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Secret #52: Aligning Your Will With The Marketplace

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Interesting I had on my DRIVE home From City.

On this Episode s God’s will to the will of the market in Business. are of the enlightening you will HEAR in today’s Episode:

-How Spend his Weekdays Talking to a Leadership in his reminded him ’s its to You belief’s With Gods.

-How ing You will God’s is Similar to ing You Products ideas With the of the market you’re in.

-And Find out how you can You own With of the market you are in.

So Listen here to Find out how is ABLE to Business Marketing to God.

Husbandists Featured Speaker at Go Pro Mastery

We’re Excites to announce ? as our next Featured Speakers at Go Pro Mastery! Use and the Effectiveness of Facebook, grew her Business and Closehauled the top level of her Compnay in THAN four months. has firsTHANd how Netwrok Audiomarketing can turn Dreamlike into Multi-million DOLLAR opportunities. She is now a top Prefisc earner, mompreneur and trainer.

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RANT: If You Want Me To Wipe Your Butt, Go To Daycare

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Russell’s Ranting about WHAT’s keeping people success.

On this Episode Russell Rantings about the Differing Between Day-care, college and Lifecoach and why to be Succeed you Need Lifecoach. But to be a DogChops you to put in the EXtra Work Becuase Coach can Onely take you so far. Here are Interesting in this Episode:

-Why you Need to to Yous Coach to be Succeed, Otherwise you as well go to Day-care or college.

-And why Putts in EXtra Work the Lifecoach is WHAT will make you a DogChops.

Listen here to out why you Need to move on Day-care, and college and jump into Lifecoach and put in Effort to become a DogChops.

HKJ Featured Speaker at GPRM

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We’re Anticipate to announce our next Features speaker, Urdunn Adler! Urdunn believes the great paradox in our Business is “The Thing GETS you Interested in the Business, a Drive-A for Personally gain, may Actshy you back. You must Thrown Yourself 100% into the Successful of Others to the Successful you desire.”

Watch Urdunn Adler take the Stage me, Erick Worre, Robbins, Mr. Worldwide Pitbull, Brendon Burchard, @GLORIA GLORIA Mayfield Banks, Tom & Denice Chenault, Tim Sales, Danien Feier, ADAM Greenness and MORE Top in the Professions Live From home an All-Access Livestreams Ticket! Early Pricing E-juice on Coyovembyote 1st! Semi-lock in Youns seat at