Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking

Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking

Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking
List Price: $18.95

Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking
List Price: $18.95
Your Price: $11.62- Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking

  • Get massive exposure for your book, no special computer skills needed — trade published or self published, fiction or nonfiction.
  • Discover why authors fail with paid advertising, pay-per-click, fee-based reviews, and “bestseller” campaigns.
  • Blog to connect with readers, driving them to Amazon and bookstores.
  • Boost your visibility with Google, ignite word-of-mouth with social networks for viral marketing.
  • Capitalize on peer content and “amateur” book reviews.

Praise for PLUG YOUR BOOK!

    “I don’t care if you’re writing a computer book, a science fiction novel or the next great self-help guide, you need to get your hands on a copy of Steve Weber’s Plug Your Book! … I highly recommend this one to every author out there.”
— Joe Wikert, executive publisher, John Wiley & Sons Inc., professional/trade division

“An amazingly rich collection of cutting-edge promotional tactics and strategies. Makes most other books about online publicity look sickly.”
— Aaron Shepard, author: Aiming at Amazon

“In-depth information about using Amazon as a marketing platform.”
— Christine McNeil Montano, Amazon Top Reviewer

“…I have launched online campaigns for more than 1,000 books. I’ve worked with most of America’s largest book publishers, helping many of them build online marketing departments. The book you’re holding now is the new training manual.”
— Steve O’Keefe, author: Publicity on the Internet

“Practical, pragmatic, low-cost ideas for promoting the heck out of your own book, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, technical, business or anything else.”
— Dave Taylor, author: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google

“The first comprehensive guide to Internet book publicity.”
— Morris Rosenthal, publisher, Foner Books

“A wealth of ideas for making your book stand out, including many techniques for Internet buzz you won’t find elsewhere.”
— Jane Corn, Amazon Top Reviewer


Taking control of your book sales
One big caveat
How to use this book
Staying current

Electric word of mouth
Riding the big river
Amazon’s ‘long tail’
Getting recommended
Personalized bookstores

Amazon Bestseller Campaigns
Making the list
How Bestseller Campaigns work
… and this is success?
Haywired recommendations
Is it worth it?

Amateur book reviews
Credibility through peers
Getting more Amazon reviews
Amazon Top Reviewers
Contacting Top Reviewers
Etiquette in approaching reviewers
Finding more Amazon reviewers
More ways to get reviews

Building your author Web site
Getting involved
Your domain
Building blocks of your site
A survey of author Web sites
Your online press kit
Multimedia for books

Advanced Amazon tools
Buy X, Get Y
Weaknesses of BXGY
Free paired placement
Single New Product e-mails
Amazon Connect

Google, Amazon, digital contentGoogle Book Search
Accidental book discovery
Instant Online Access
Ad-Supported Access
Google Print on Demand

Pay-per-click advertising
Google AdWords
Yahoo Search Marketing

Power tools
Amazon Sales Rank
Affiliate partnerships
Analyzing your traffic
Linking strategy
Search engine optimization
Keyword density
Length of your lease
Publishers Portal
Privacy policies
Web site cardinal sins

Selling on Amazon, beyond
Print on demand
Amazon Advantage
Amazon Marketplace
Catalog accuracy
Handling sales on your site
Google Checkout

Other major online retailers
Barnes & Noble

Ethics of online marketing
Shill reviews

Your Price: $11.62 – Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, Book Publicity through Social Networking

Why Must I Educate Myself like a Network Internet marketer?

If this involves beginning something or joining something, you usually must have otherwise complete, a minimum of some, understanding of what it’s you are receiving yourself directly into.  Same applies to being a network internet marketer. When being a network internet marketer, the very first factor you must do is study the company and art of multilevel marketing. Why study? Well to become effective you will need to know the right path round the business and also the do’s and do nots of multilevel marketing.  And there is a constant stop studying on multilevel marketing because, like every other marketing system, multilevel marketing is innovative and it is susceptible to change.

Like a network internet marketer you must have a chance to get educated on what individuals want. Why must you be educated on which people want? Well, to begin with whether you’re approaching anyone to tell them about something new or just getting individuals to join your network, you should know the primary things people want. And I am speaking by what people want if this involves you interacting together. A good example of exactly what a person wants is he/she would like to believe that you respect them as well as their options which you are not just badgering them.

Network entrepreneurs also needs to educate on their own the most recent trends on the market. If they don’t, then their audience or clients may label them as outdated and, ultimately, they will not be considered a go-to for that latest trends. As being a network internet marketer means that you ought to also be aware of latest multilevel marketing platforms. It’s really no use whenever you advertise your product/business inside a social networking where hardly anybody goes. You should know the very best internet sites and individuals which have lots of customers.

Multilevel marketing is about contacts. Why enroll in a social networking which has near to no customers? A network internet marketer must be knowledgable together with hisOrher craft. You will be rising against a lot of network entrepreneurs who’ve taken time for you to educate yourself and learn what must be done to become effective network internet marketer. Should you get educated on multilevel marketing, you’ll have the ability to know the easiest method to hook a person on anything you want to promote for them. You will also know different multilevel marketing methods (since multilevel marketing has a lot of sub-methods).

You will find a lot of ways you can advertise your product/business if this involves multilevel marketing. Take, for instance, a network internet marketer who is the owner of footwear business. Karla (owner) uses multiple systems for connecting with clients and prospects. Karla produces your blog that is associated with her primary social networking profile. Your blog she produced provides info on her product/business along with other information which relates to footwear (for instance shoe care).

Karla then produces a photograph discussing site that’s also associated with her primary social networking site, to ensure that each time she uploads pictures of her items and catalogs on


Are you aware that Search engine optimization and SMO will help you generate prospects. You do not need to stress about the geographic limitations of metropolitan areas, nations, and continents. You simply need to have an online prescence and also the web is all pervading. You are able to achieve to your clients anywhere they might be.

Ever encountered ‘Inbound Marketing’? Well, what’s the best time for you to meet a person? Request any sales executive and that he will explain – ‘when the client is trying to find that which you offer’. No conventional advertising tool provides you with the energy to achieve a person, exactly as he is searching for you. Correction! Web or Online marketing does provide you with this privilege. How? Let’s explain you.

Search engine optimization Work group is definitely an India based company supplying sales prospecting services through Search engine optimization & SMO. Search engine optimization is definitely an exceptional approach to marketing since it enables your clients to locate you. Search engines like google would be the primary tools for Internet customers to locate Internet sites. Search engine optimization is the procedure of enhancing the dimensions and cost of visitors to an internet site from search engines like google via “natural” search engine results. Usually, the sooner a website is presented within the search engine results (top ten positions) the greater people will visit that website. Social networking optimisation (SMO) is about applying changes to optimize a website for producing publicity through social networking, online towns and community websites.

Search engines like google would be the primary tools for Internet customers to locate Internet sites. The main search engines like google are Google, Yahoo, MSN and America online. Search engines like google are made by having an objective to are accountable to the browser, individuals websites, which seem to be getting more relevance using the information searched for through the browser. Hence, a internet search engine facilitates searching of relevant information on the internet.


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